Friday Playlist #4 With Mix Masta Ohms

Jimmy Page: Pre-Led Zeppelin

Before Jimmy Page was ripping off blues musicians with Led Zeppelin, he actually had an entire career based on playing (and writing) music for other people. Sorry, I had to.

I was aware of his pre-Zeppelin years as a session but I guess I truly didn’t know how vast it was. According to Page,” At one point I was playing on three sessions a day, six days a week.” He started playing with the Yardbirds in 1966, and started session work in 1962, so one can only imagine how many songs he’s actually been on. A couple reasons I chose this as a playlist is because my brother Cesar and I have had a few conversations in the past year about Page and John Paul Jones’ shit before Led Zeppelin. Jones had a career that’s just as impressive at Page’s. So it was a pretty cool history lesson to look up his credits and discover new songs as well as finding out that he played on songs that I already liked.