Friday Playlist #2 With Mix Masta Ohms

Beatles in ‘66

I’m supposed to do these every Friday but I was having some internet problems at home, and honestly, I partied almost all week. Can’t say this won’t happen again but I’ll try my hardest.

This past Friday was the 50th Anniversary of the Beatles album Revolver. I thought it would be boring if the playlist would only consist of the album therefore I threw on the single that preceded the album’s release (“Paperback Writer” b/w “Rain”) as well as a couple demos that were featured in Anthology 2. Revolver is one of those albums that many argue is the bands best, I wouldn’t necessarily agree or disagree with that, but what I do believe is that it may be their most influential album. Many bands have made careers out of mimicking the guitar tone (which itself is like a fuzzed-out early Byrd’s tone) and the circular bass lines. This was also the first time in their career where they writing more than just “love songs”.

I bumped my head pretty hard last night so I’m a tad out of it, we’ll let the music speak for itself this week.

-Omar, AKA Mix Masta Ohms