Friday Playlist #1 with Mix Masta Ohms

Brad asked me on Wednesday if I would be interested in contributing a music playlist, and it was about time because I have been waiting for about a year for that message. As my first playlist, I decided to do all non-album Velvet Underground tracks.

While they have since been released on compilation albums,for one reason or another they were never actually released between 1967 – 1971. Stephanie Says” was featured on the Royal Tenenbaums, and “I’m Sticking With You” on Juno, and besides that, these songs have been greatly overlooked by much of the non-Velvet Underground obsessed public and music media.

I was in junior high the first time I had ever heard of the band. There was this encyclopedia of popular music that I would constantly check out from my school library, and for some reason a picture that stood out was of Lou Reed. He had this total 80’s curly ass mullet and it just really made it laugh. So I read about him in that book and it mentioned the song “Walk on the Wild Side”. Not exactly sure where I had previously heard the song, I’m assuming from my older brother Cesar or the radio (which would be strange because the lyrics are mostly about transvestite prostitutes). The bass line was just always so memorable that I never even paid attention to lyrics. I still don’t pay a whole lot of attention to lyrics, but I remember thinking , “damn this dude is probably pretty weird, I wanna check out his other stuff.”

Around the same time, I had bought this book by Allmusic which was pretty similar to one I would check out of the library but much more in depth. It would give a list of artists that were similar to, influenced by, influenced, and whatever else of the artist you were reading about. That’s where I read about the Velvet Underground. The book is now a website, and is still one that I will read from time to time. I guess at some point during 8th grade (2000/2001) was the first time I remember listened to them. Cesar told me, “there’s this song by the Velvet Underground that sounds a lot like ‘No Surprises’ by Radiohead,” and it was love at first listen. That song is “Sunday Morning” from their first album. And from there it’s pretty much history, they became one of my favorite bands, and a huge musical influence. Since high school, I have gone through phases of which Velvet Underground album was my favorite, and these songs are part of the last batch and have ultimately become some of my all-time favorite Velvet Underground tracks. I can tell you the reasons why, but I’m not here to review songs, merely to present them.

The song are listed in chronological order from when they were recorded, not released.

-Omar, AKA Mix Masta Ohms